AX2012: Import Chart of Accounts


Can anybody give me some hints about the simplest and fasted way of importing a Chart of Accounts in AX2012.

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hi Ludwig, With Excel Export/Import feature been deprecated, we have been left with only Office Add-in to get data imported into AX 2012. However there are multiple constraints in using add-ins.

To import COA,


i) Created a query in AX 2012 AOT with “MainAccounts” table as datasource. remember to set “dynamic” property to YES for fields node in Mainaccounts datasource in query.

ii) Created a document service using AIF document service wizard. used the query created in step 1 in the wizard. Select the Service Operations you need (create, update, delete etc.). Do remember to “generate incremental CIL” once wizard is finished processing.

iii) now you need to deploy the service created in step ii. Create a new service Group in AOT, add the new service, right clikc and select Deploy Service Group.

iv) Create a document data source for by navigating to Organization adminitsration → set up → document management → document data sources. Remeber to activate the record

v) Now you need to open excel, select the service, and follow the steps to refresh/publish the records from excel into AX directly.

This is not the end of agony as you would probably need to code to update “Main Account Category” . I created a mapping table, and updated category values using X++ code.


Write a X++ script to import COA from CSV/delimited file.

Hoping if someone can come up with a better way of importing this information.


Here is a blog that explains it step-by-step.

It’s quite easy. I did it this week with good results.

  • First create a chart of accounts ID in AX (e.g. “Corporate”). Then use the Excel Add-in and select table MainAccount.
  • Add fields from table MainAccount
  • Add main accounts on the rows with link to chart of accounts ID (e.g. “Corporate”).
  • Finally, Publish back to AX.

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Joakim Persson

Importing the COA can also be done with the “Main accounts” entity in DIXF, as well. This also imports the chart of account settings, if necessary.