AX2012 How to Void an Unused check Status is Created

AX2012 - Checks are setup with Fixed numbers in the Bank module. Status of Check is “Created”.

Is there a way to mark Void an un-used check with status “created”? We don’t want to delete the check # b/c we want to keep the audit of all checks.

The printer messed up when printing, so I want to mark these as voided in system so that I can set my next # properly. Because they say created, when I do my next check run it is using this number as the next check.

I believe you must have those checks physically available. In that case, i will suggest you to use those checks. Use the check Re-Use functionality going forward, that way if there is any printer mess, you can re-use the same check number.


Good suggestion Pranav… But we also have check status ‘Void’ in the AOT Base Enums list for Cheque Status. Just curious to know how can we bring check to this status?

I do not want to re-use the check, the check was ruined in the printer. I want to mark the check as voided in the Bank module. When status is Created, it only gives me option to Delete the check. I don’t want to delete, I want to mark it as void. On the physical check, I will mark it Void and file it.

I can run a dummy check run with the checks I want to void, and then void the entire check run to have the system void the checks for me, but that seems like a lot of work for this. There should be a way to manually void them.


Base enums will list out all the possible statuses of checks.

For checks which are in created state, system will allow you to only to delete it. You can’t void check or change status from check register. The only way to void checks are generate it and then cancel it. However, i will still recommend to consume those check numbers if possible.

I will not suggest to change anything from backend.


By rejecting the check from payment journal lines, we can have the check voided.

So, how about customizing the “Bank checks” form to have the “Reject” function from there. I think it has to check the status of the check and should be marked as voided.

May be when we do this, we should ensure that, when we generate a next check it should take the next number but not the “Voided” check.

I was trying to avoid having to do a customization, but thank you all for the feedback.