AX2012: How to Adjust AMount for Posted PO invoice - Inventory Receipt voucher

Hi all,

I met 1 issue when I do Reverse PO invoice by added a PO line with Invert Sign, with same Qty, same Unit Price. Then I did post PO receipt and PO invoice.

After finished to post Invoice, I did check the voucher, Amount in Vendor balance voucher is OK, but Amount in Inventory Receipt voucher is not the same, this amount has been calculated by system.

Then I did Marking the reverse transaction to the Original transaction, I checked the Item Transaction and saw that Cost Amount is same as original transaction. But in Posted Invoice voucher, the Amount of Inventory receipt voucher don’t change.

How can I adjust the Amount for Purchase-Inventory Receipt voucher in this case ?

Example: Original PO invoice, the voucher are:

Vendor balance: - 10USD

Purchase Expenditure: 10 USD

Purchase,Inventory receipt: 10 USD

Purchase Expenditure: -10 USD

But In Reverse Invoice:

Vendor balance: 10USD

Purchase Expenditure: -10 USD

Purchase,Inventory receipt: -9 USD

Purchase Expenditure: 9 USD

How can I adjust the Purchase Inventory Receipt from -9 to -10 in Posted Invoice?

AX knows the cost on reverse so uses it, if you are using marking and the original invoice was 10 then I would suggest running the inventory close and see the impact, otherwise it relates to dimension group setup in line with your costing method.

I did run the inventory close, and the Cost Amount in Inventory Transaction is 10 already, but in the Posted Invoice Journal, the Inventory Receipt voucher is not change (Amount is 9).

Now I need to adjust the Inventory Receipt Voucher from 9 to 10. How can I do?

Find the source receipt based upon your costing method and dimension group settings and ensure it is costed at 9