AX2012 General Ledger Transactions

Hi am struggling to view transaction posted to the General Ledger from GL> Main Accounts then the period option. The period balances are 0 but this is incorrect as values have been posted and are visible inthe posted option.

ANyone had this previously?


Just had a quick look. Posted a GL journal debiting P&L account and crediting liability account. Then I was able to view this transactions in period balances form.

Not sure whether this will help. If you do not have CU2 installed, I would suggest to install this update.

Alternatively have a developer look at this code (LedgerCreatePeriodBalances class > createPeriodBalancesMainAccount method). The period balance form uses a temp table and this table gets data populated in the above place.


The balances in period form will get updated after you run Rebuild Balances and than Update Balances in the Dimension set form. This update also populates data in trial balance. Check with all the dimension sets.

thanks Pranav this worked

Thanks for your comment.

I’m not using R2. Is this te reason why I don’t see the updated transactions.

I performed a consolidation and I expect also transaction on the ledger accounts. I don’t see these transactions on the main ledger account, but when I’ve a look in the query consolidation I see transactions. Do you know if the problem is related to Ax 2012 standard and not R2.

Kind regards,

René Raven