Ax2012 Formula


I have installed AX2012 with a option as manufacturing but it cannot find ‘Formula’ menu.

Even though the license does not have any problem. It is checked all.

Is there any other options for formula menu is enabled?

Please, let me know it.

Thank you.

Which menu you are talking about? Were you able to see the Production Type in Engineer tab, while creating a product.

Hi, Kranthi

I am talking about Formula menu.

In Inventory and warehouse management module, standard solution installed Process Manufacturing option has Formula menu in Commmon

The menu which creates a product in this path( Product information management/Common/Released products ) cannot see the Production Type in Engineer tab.

Is there any other menu can see the Production Type?

Have you been using the formal version of AX2012 or the beta version like Hyper-v virtualiztion of AX2012?

Because I have been using the formal version that cannot find Formula but I can find it in the Hyper-v.

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