AX2012: Error prompt when try to cancel packing slip for sales order

Hi All,

This client using Moving Average costing method.

When they try to cancel packing slip (sales order), error message as below prompt.

“The inventory value of 220,229.65 is not expected after the proportional expense calculation. The expected value is 220,068.73.”

Please help~~Thanks.

I am having a similar issue on Transfer Orders. Let me know if you found a solution.

I am still busy with my investigation but it appears to be related to the fact that the warehouse is in fact allowing negative inventory and at the time of posting the inventory is reflecting a negative value. Is this the case on your side too?

The problem is related to the order transactions are processed and the dates on which they are processed. I may have missed a setup or process to run but in my situation I managed to get past the problem by checking when the system went into negative stock and posted the transfer order receipt the day before that. It wasn’t the ideal workaround but we could get the customer going until we find a better solution

Hi Anthony,

check the physical cost and financial cost will be differ due to this you are facing the problem example is mentioned below.

item received with 10 $ qty 100 so total physical value is 1000 $ now you have transfer this item qty 10 fom one warehouse to other warehouse with same cost of 10 $, now 2 items is sold at 10 $.

now while invoicing you came to know that there are price different in supplier invoice so you changes and post the invoice.

this affect the stock at current warehouse which was selected in purchase order but didt apply to the warehouse where you transfer 10 qty.

due to this you are getting the error, to rectify search all that item make credit note for all item with the actual transfer cost the make inventory adjustment in warehouse where u received ur item then transfer that much qty to the other warehouse from you are making sale order.

hope this will solve your problem.

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