AX2012 EP

hi all

i sucessfully installed ax2012 Ep, Reporting service, analysis server, i configured all the cubes,

then i tired to open the Reports from report server manager, am not able to see the reports,

its asking login name and password.

thn i found i left the below step

  1. Open Report Manager. By default, the URL is http://[SSRSServerName]:80/Reports.

  2. Click the DynamicsAX folder.

  3. Click the DynamicsAXOLAP data source.

  4. In the Connection string field, locate the text Initial Catalog=Dynamics AX.

  5. Change Dynamics AX to the new name of the Analysis Services database , my doubt s which analysis service DB name should i give??? 4 db created while deploying the Analysis service. or its due to anyother issue???

  6. can anyone help me.

  7. thanx in advance

Then give the user name and password…

user name : domainname\userid

password : ***********

in this format