AX2012 - electronical signature for documents

Hi everybody,

i have to setup a test of the internal functionality “electronical signature” of AX 2012 for Sales Order invoice documents.
I setup the electronic signature parameter, electr. sign. requirements and electr. reason codes, by description on MSDN… My user is member of group sysadmin, a certificate was also added for my user in useradministration.
But it doesn`t work.

One interesting fact: We use most of contoso an Co clients at our machine, i`m connected to client CEU, but always when i choose the table in Electr. sign. requirements, i get the tables from client DAT, there is no possibility for a change. Client DAT is only an empty client to check regional ledger settings…

How this configuration is stored? Does anyone have a hint for me? Does anyone have an documentation?
In my complete MS Doc, i couldn`t find something regarding electronical signature… :frowning:

Does someone use this function at all? Or should i think about a 3rd party product, because i havn’t found any doc or descr about this MS Functionality?!

Many thanks for answers in advance

very cold snapp regards from Graz, Austria