AX2012 dual units of measurement.

There is a new feature in production module listed for AX2012 which is as follows:

"Monitor inventory using dual units of measurement (UOMs) to manage total weight as well as packaging units (catch weight calculations). "

Can some body tell me how this functionality is working.

You hold items in dual weights, a pack and kg’s for example and you set a range of weight for the KG, bit like how you buy chicken breasts, steak or fish, then you can see inventory by weight and packs.

how can I use this feature?

You activate catchweights when you need to track a product in 2 UOM’s, weight and packaging is the obvious. You use it when your client requires it.

How to active two UOM for same product.I need to maintain item BOX wt and item PC wt

Can some body tell me how this functionality is working.

No that is a completely different concept to catchweight, please post a new question.

How to Maintain single piece of item weight in ax 2012 R3.

like have 1 box=10 pieces total wt is 10 kg.

Each pieces have 1 kg. How to map the single piece of wt in Ax

Load a new post as suggested. What you are asking here is no related to the original post, so people will not look.