AX2012 Display additional fields in the AX tooltip (or that balloon thingie)

Hi all, hope you can help me out with my problem.

I’ve created a factbox with a Grid.

Normally the grid would display 4 columns, but since we want the grid to be as narrow as possible, we decided to put the 4th column data as tooltip when the user hoovers the 3rd column value. Important: The tooltip I am talking about is the standard balloon thingie AX displays when you hover a reference link, it can contain multiple values accross multiple lines. Whats the ‘official’ name for that balloon thingie btw?

I’ve looked into the PresenceInfo class but I don’t think implementing that class is the way to go because it seems to be used to communicatie with other apps (like Lync). I’ve failed to debug it anyways, check the PresenceInfo class, in the EDT DirPartyRecId is a sample implementation, but when I set a breakpoint in the tableInfo method it won’t get hit. Why is that? Anyone can point me to a scenario where a breakpoint in DirPartyRecId.tableInfo() will be hit?

So if anyone can help me with a solution for my tooltip problem, I’d be most gratefull.