AX2012 Delete a category in a category hierarchy

While deleting a category - that is not in use anymore and has no data such as attributes and such - I get the following exception message:

Category cannot be deleted while dependent Instance value for a category exist. Delete dependent Instance value for a category and try again.

Does anyone recognize this warning and know how to solve it? Thanks in advance.

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Categories are in shared tables, so there is another legal entity set using the category - you need to remove it from ALL legal entities in the database.

Thank you, do you also know how I can see the table is a shared table?

Go to System Administration – Reports – Database - Tables. If company account = dat, it’s shared

Go to the AOT - Data dictionary – Tables - Select table – Show the Properties. SaveDataPerCompany = No then the table is shared

I am unable to edit the field save data per company could you help me pls

This issue is solved in the CU3.

Hi Joost - What’s the issue specifically as I’m encountering the same issue? Is it that categories can’t be deleted regardless or is the issue more nuanced?