AX2012 Data Upgrade - DEL_CreatedTime/ DEL_ModifiedTime fields mapping errors

Hi folks,

I have a issue in the mapping step of the source-to-target data upgrade checklist from AX4 to AX2012 regarding createdtime in 4.0 not mapped to any field in 2012.

Some tables had the createddate and createdtime fields enabled in 4.0 (via customizations) In AX2012, the customizations have been upgraded by enabling createddatetime field on the target table.

The mapping should map (from AX4.0 to AX2012):

  • createddatecreateddatetime
  • createdtimedel_createdtime

Normally, the del_createdtime field should automatically be created while enabling the createddatetime flag, but it isn’t the case…I mean, on the first sight…

I’ve written jobs using reflection api’s to list the fields of the concerned table (TaxTable in my example)

  • Using the DictTable API, I can see the dEL_CreatedTime field is present
  • Using the SQLDictionary System table, the field isn’t.
    In SQL Server, the field isn’t there either.
    All the configurations key “Keep Objects …” are active.

Does someone can help me with this ? :slight_smile: I’d like to make this del_createdtime field visible in sql server