AX2012 Campaigns sales pricing

In Retail, discounts can be set up. Discounts can be temporary prices for certain periods.Discont is enabled.

In Sales module, campaigns can be created. In a campaign, the discount prices can be connected. When a sales order is created withtin the valid period of a campaign (and the discount is also valid), the sales order line will NOT select the campaign price.

How can I add campaign prices to a sales orderlne?

Hi Anneke,

I’m not sure of Retail but in AX we setup discounts under discount groups (trade agreements) and we assign this group at SO header (Price/Discount tab).

In your case, you might forgot to assign the Discount group to the Sales order. Check once.

Hi Sarathy,

THX for the answer!

What you described is standard discounts for sales orders.

In Retail, it is possile to set up, temporarily dscounts or prices e.g. for folders. An action price is valid for one week. And after that the “normal” price is valid. But when you set up a sales order with a item code from that particular folder, it will not select the special price from that campaign folder. And that is what we want to achieve. I am not sure if it is possbile;-)