AX2012 - BOM Calculation


There are 3 types of costing versions.

  1. Planned cost
  2. Standard cost
  3. Conversion costs - A special costing version used for converting an item from a non standard cost costing method to the standard cost costing method.

I tried to create new costing versions for the type “Conversion”. But error message prompt. May I know how can i create this type? What is the used for conversion costs?

Path: DTS/Inventory management/Inventory management Area/Setups/Costing versions



Yes that type of costing sheet is created as part of the standard cost conversion routine - why do you want to create one? If you run the process it will do it, if you do not run the process you do not need one!

Hi Adam,

I don’t really understand. How to run the process and make it do it? In what scenario I will need to use the costing type “conversion”?



Are you converting the costing method of any of your items from non-standard to standard? If you are NOT you would not use this. Search google for AX2009 standard cost conversion, there are white papers and lots of information on this.