Ax2012 baseline db


I’m installing Ax2012 on an existing database,in connect to database screen it is asking the baseline database name,and when i select a database itz giving an error …"The selected database is not a model store database."

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In AX 2012 a model store concept has been introduced according to which customization can be done model wise and the customization will be stored in the DB.There can be multiple models in a layer.In order to fulfill this concept some model tables exist in the AX DB and Baseline DB and those tables prefix are model*.

These model* table don’t exist in the AX 2009 DB due to which your AX 2012 installation ends up with the mentioned error.

You need to install a fresh DB along with AX 2012 and after that try to import the data in the new DB.

Note:I am not sure about the data import.

Hi Vinay,

Thx for the reply,but when i’m installing a fresh database,the prerequisites for a database it is showing some errors like…, services for full-text search and full-text daemon search is not started…when i’m to trying to start in Services they not even exists in my services…what should i do??plz advice me…

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Run the AX 2012 Pre requisite checker from the setup and wherever you get error try to fix it either through configure or download from the link.
It will resolve your mentioned error.

Hi vinay,

The above mentioned two errors has no either configure or download link…column has only error link…

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Open the SQL Server Configuration manager from the Start->SQL Server 2008 and run the following services-
1)SQL server Browser
2)SQL Full-text Filter Demon launcher.

Now try to run the AX 2012 setup again.

I started SQL server Browser service but i didn’t find SQL Full-text Filter Demon launcher service…

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In my Sql server 2008 r2 version i don’t have full-text search option in feature selection…so i don’t have any services regrading to it…Can anyone tell me is their any solution or patch so that i can install full-text search in my Sql server 2008 r2 and run those services…plz let me know anyone has a patch for this…

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Thanks for the clarification Vinay!

Was doing some research with multiple AOS’s and Baseline DB’s and then came across the known error.

Thanks Buddy!