AX2012 - Account Structure Configuration || The combination is not valid

Need help in a strange case in financial module in AX2012 . appreciated if you have any input .

I’m sure of my account structure configuration ; but for one\ two accounts when validate the journal lines I found the combination not valid !! while all other accounts working very well with that account structure configuration.

The combination 5020010000-4-41-1604-- is not valid for the account structure.

The combination 5020052000-2-21-2102-1000000033044- is not valid for the account structure.

From the error message, it seems ledger account mandatory dimensions are not upated on journal/transaction line. Ledger account 5020010000 has two dimension missing and ledger account 5020052000 has one dimension missing.

Setting up COA structure is fine, but you need to focus on originating transactions.

There are certain cases in which dimensions are not merged during posting.


Dear Pranav ,
Thanks alot for your reply ,
1st all the financial dimensions are defaulted/populated [have marked mandatory ]
2nd No Offset account used with line
3rd no posting type [Optional]
I kenw it is a strange case.
Mohamed Salah

if the dimenion comibination is not available then record is created in dimensionattributevaluecombination . find or if not creates .

then during posting it could not find the combination with company structure. i dont know why its causing but every time record is created in the dimensionattributevaluecombination table.