AX2009 Workflow Stopped (error): No message was sent. Language EN-NZ was not found.

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue with workflow on our client test environment.

Every workflow task that is started faults with this error:

Stopped (error): No message was sent. Language EN-NZ was not found.

The workflow messages on all of the workflow configurations has been setup using EN-NZ

Everything is working fine on our development environment and there are no issues in regards to language.

Any help is appreciated



What language is on the clients license file (silly question but I have to ask it).

Secondly is it actually in the database? Go to a customer and go to the main table on the language right mouse click to go to the main table - is it actually there?

Thanks for the quick reply!

Language is in English New Zealand and yes the language is in the table.


One thing that seems weird is that if you reselect the language on the customer field it changes to lower case from capitals

EN-NZ to en-nz

Is it a test customer environment? If it is import your license and run it - this eliminates a license issue and makes it a data issue - does the case change in your system? [:D]

Yes it is used for all user testing. The license file has been imported and still no joy.

The case does not change in our dev and test system.

We also found that some of the workflowMessageText records had capitals for the language we changed these to lower case

For anyone that has has issues with the same error:

We have found the source of the mystery language error!

It was being thrown because a empty email template was being referenced in the work flow setup.

Hi Shaun,

Can you please tell me, where exactly I have to change? It’s so difficult to resolve the error for me.

Please help, urgent…!!!



You have to setup an email template which you can do under Basic > Setup > E-mail templates.

Then select this email template in Settings for Workflow form under Basic > Setup.

Hope this helps.

Hi Shaun,

I am havign the same trouble. The different is that I also create an email template, but still thrown an error back. Can you please tell me apart from email template, what else needs to be configured?

Much appreciated