ax2009- transfer order: receive a transfer order

Dear expert;

This transfer order status is Shipped and contain multiple lines of items, but there is a problem specific to item code 11123 which shows that 33 quantities has a status of Registered. Based on the inventory transaction screen, there was already a previous receipt of 33 but can only see the 33 quantities registered in the Item Arrival screen.

I noticed that in transactions of this particular item shows only;

From WH → Transit WH and missing transaction of Transit WH → Destination WH. how can I receive this item?

I’m getting this error message when update > receive in transfer order for:

Error: Insufficient inventory transactions with status On Order, Reserved Ordered, Reserved Physical and Picked.

Error: Quantity ##### cannot be picked because inventory transactions with status On Order, Reserved Ordered or Reserved physical are insufficient

Your advice is needed to close this order…

Thank you guys!

HI anyone there to help me on this?

Please post a screen shot of Inventory trans of that item.