AX2009 testing email distributor batch

Hi there,

I am trying to setup alert notification email for a user in test environment.

I first configured the user account to receive email alerts.

Then I I added ‘Email distributor’ batch job . I got the infolog msg saying that the Email distributor batch job is added to the batch queue.

In order to test it, I want to start the alert, I wanted to start the event processor using the demo form provided,

Tutorial_EventProcessor. THis has a start button that starts the event processor and on-clicking it, it should show status Waiting. But, when I click Start button, I get the following error message:

Error executing code: Wrong argument types for comparison.

(S)\Data Dictionary\Maps\LogMap\Methods\getDataAslist - line 20

(S)\Classes\EventProcessorCUD\processUpdate - line 7

(S)\Classes\EventProcessorCUD\process - line 12

(S)\Classes\EventProcessorCUD\run - line 14

(S)\Classes\EventJobCUD\runCudEventsForUser - line 25

Anyone know what is causing this error?