AX2009 Sales Packing Slip Report - cannot print multiple copy


I am running AX2009.

When I post a sales Packing slip, in the posting screen, I click button “Printer setup” → “Packing slip”, I select printer and Number of copy as 2.

But AX only print 1 copy.

Is there solution to fix this problem?

What happens if you print to screen?

Hello Adam,

If I select “Print on screen”, the “Number of copy” option is grey, and always showing 1 copy on screen.

After showing on screen, if I select print, and set “Number of copy” to 2, then I can print 2 copies.

My installation is not attached to a physical printer, so I cannot test it. Does it work on any other output? Can you push it to another printer to test?

Irrespective of what you have given in the print setup- the system is taking the number of copies from the “Print Management”…

As you said it is working fine when first taken it to the screen and then printer…


When I post and print sales Packing slip, I didn’t check the option “Use Print management destination”.

The report just ignore my setting number of copies → and print 1 copy.

Then when I change form setup → Print Management setup - > Sales Packing slip → number of copies, and print sales packing slip, then it can print 2 copies.

It seem like the report always taking the Print Management setup - > number of copies.

I am using the Microsoft Vitrual PC AX2009. No customization on sales and report.

Any setup missing ?

Sounds like a client/server issue. check the pack /unpack are passing the variables ok.


I have the same problem in AX 2009 (No customization on sales and report).

Someone found the solution ?

I saw there is a similar correction for AX 2012 (KB2695056).

But how to resolve this problem in AX 2009 ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.