AX2009 - Remove WMS2

Anyone know if it is possible to remove Warehouse Management 2 (WMS2) from an AX2009 install or even just to disable it?

If so… how?


admin - setup - system - configuration. Remove Warehouse Management II

Logged in as an Admin, but WMS2 has a red padlock on it and cannot be unchecked. The Pallets option underneath can be unchecked.


Yep that should remove you WMS II functionality - the top one is the header.


If you want to remove module, this can be done from license information form (under Admin → Setup → System). Just delete license key against the module.


As a follow up to this question: I couldn’t find a comparison or article that outlined what WMS2 does ( or doesn’t do ) for you so I am a bit hesitant to just disable WMS2 without having some kind of idea what the end result will be in terms of functionality. Does anyone have a link to an article that discusses WMS1, WMS2 and/or the differences between the two?

There is no official WMSII manual. You would need to look at processes and setup. Dimension group with pallet control, warehouses with zones and replenishment rules Basically once on in a live processing environment very difficult to remove for processing reasons alone