AX2009 Project Module - Hours Forecast

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I have 2 questions.

  1. Q.

I found in forums this information:

“ Enter Hour Forecasts …
Note: In many instances the Hour Forecasts will be copied from a template
when a new Project is created. In those cases, new lines will be entered as
above and existing lines will just be edited.”

Is that true? When we have new project which activities have been copied from other project and we want to create hour forecast for this new project. Is it possible to copy hour forecast from this other project? How?

  1. Q.

Could somebody give me an example for settings for Hour’s Forecasts when we have parallel
and sequential activities?
In MS help wrote:
• StartStart: Job must start at the same time the next job starts.
• EndEnd: Job must end at the same time the next job ends.
• EndStart: Job must end at the same time the next job starts.
• StartEnd: Job must start at the same time the next job ends.

But I want know how to set-up in AX 2009 this example, which I created in MS Project:

Task No. /link /duration /start date /end date

  1. Milestone 1d? Tue 24.8.10 Tue 24.8.10
  2. start to start 3d? Tue 24.8.10 Thu 26.8.10
  3. finish to finish 5d Tue 24.8.10 Mon 30.8.10
  4. finish to start 4d Tue 31.8.10 Fri 03.9.10
  5. finish to start 2 1d? Mon 06.9.10 Mon 06.9.10
  6. start to finish 1d? Fri 03.9.10 Mon 06.9.10

P.S. Works correct Gantt chart or it has bugs?

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Nobody can help me?

I haven’t seen copying forecast to another projects’ forecast, although actual transaction posted on one project can be copied on forecast of another project.

But for this sequential activities which u have mentioned u need to define work centers where type of work center should be human resource. On the sequential tab of the hour forecast line u can specify this start end relation specifying activity it belongs to. I have doubt on milestone definition as this word comes only as transaction text on on-account invoicing forecast line but yeah u can define this as one of the activity.