AX2009 Migration - Service Management / Projects


Due to structural changes, one of our customers plans to migrate data from one AX2009 company to another one. Unfortunately, they do not plan to migrate the whole company account but only selected “parts” of it.

My biggest concern is the transfer of open projects and service contracts as they have an influence on basically any other module in AX (inventory, finance, master planning, etc.).

As AX2009 does not have a open Balance Transfer Journal as AX2012, I would like to know whether somebody has some experience with transferring on-going projects and service related tasks between AX 2009 applications. I would be especially interested in how one can make sure that exactly the same costs are transferred to the new company given that the inventory closing process will change cost amounts that have been posted on projects. What is also an issue of utmost concern is the handling of the master planning process.

Would be great if you could share your experience.

Many thanks and best regards,