AX2009: Master scheduling is not considering the Inventory transactions "ordered"& on order

Dear experts,

I’ve been working on MP and I believe I’m conversant with the settings. I’m working on AX2009 which is customized to my client.

For my master plan I’ve checked “Include Inventory trans” check box and running a Min/Max item through the plan.

Unfortunately it is ignoring the ordered transactions which are available, the delivery of that PO is today my time fence is defined properly.

I’ve set up the everything in standard AX2009 and its working as I want but not in client’s instance. I’m wondering whether any other parameters that I need to setup to have it working.

We would need to know quite a few more settings, item coverage settings, demand profile (net requirements), time fence settings etc. So you are saying it is producing a new PO when you believe it should not?

Thanks for the reply Adam, the problem I’m seeing here is in Net requirements I can’t see the “Purchase orders” which are already available in the system.

Item coverage: Coverage model: Min/Max, Time fence:100 days and my PO’s delivery date is - today’s date(the day I’m running the Master scheduling"

Can you show the purchase order remaining quantity (with warehouse and site) and the net requirements corresponding by site and warehouse?

Also try changing the plan on the net requirements to see the dynamic plan, it may not be in the master.

Hi Adam,

We figured out that it is caused by the customization which was done by the previous team. Thanks for your help.