AX2009 Make filter on Country/RegionId on Customer form


I am using AX2009.

On customer form, I would like make filter on Address country/regionId – so that I can search customer that in particular country.

Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance

Advanced Filter Button
Right Mouse Click Customer, select n:1
Add Country/Region
Filter on Country Required

This looks across all addresses though, so it depends what you want.

Hello AdamRoue,

I add Country/Region relation on advance filter, add field “Country/Region”, and it work for somecase.

Sometime when I filter on country, AX return me the vendor with address with Empty country code.

Go to the vendor, setup button and address. In the listed addresses, one of them will have a country code of the filter


I make filter on Country/Region == particular value e.g. “AD” , but AX give me the customer record that with no address.

Go to the customer list (Overview tab), select the address book icon on the left, then go to the address tab, if you have a reduced list for AD there will be an address there with AD. [:D]

Yes, the problem is solved. Thank you very much.


What is the funciton of this n:1 and 1:n options in the report filter. I do see different tables listed in each option, but when to decide which to choose?

Also is there any way of writing queries by the user instead of selecting from the report filters. Basically looking to write a sql type of query that can be attached to the report generation query form.


Many to one and one to many. For example a sales header can have many sales lines, therefore 1:n, but the sales line relationship to the header is n:1. AX knows the relationships because of the inherent table structures.