ax2009 inventory closing


I have item with site and warehouse dimension setting. I perform GRN receiving, transfer warehouse, movement in & out, sales DO out transaction.

After i run the month end inventory closing, AX will recalculation all the issue cost. I print the Physical Inventory by inventory dimension report, may i know why sometime item do not have any quantity BUT still have financial value (small amount)? For or these item the warehouse is BLANK.

Anyone face this issue? Those items without warehouse & quantity but have financial value, may i know how to present/ explain from the finance point of view?

Please advice. Thank you.



Did you try running the Inventory>recalculation> You are seeing that diff even after doing recalculation?

I do not run Inventory calculation. Month end, i direct run inventory closing because the closing will still perform the recalculation.

My intention was to ask you whether you are facing the problems of “having the balance and no quantity”, even after doing the closing…?

if you dont want to to do the closing as you might be in the mid of the month, You can still do the “Recalculation” for the specifc item to the current date and check whether ur report gives u the correct value.


In case you use the inventory model “FIFO” first in -first out, ax wel produce zero lines.

This means, If you sell the picked items which are recently bought, ax will look if for that item older purchased items are available.

If you go to inventory transactions and by using the button inventory settlemens you 'll find there the corrections.

Also in the cost explorer you can find they way ax is doing it