AX2009 inventory closing and settlement problem.

Dear all,

I am running AX2009SP1.

All items used “Weight ave date” costing method, Not allow physical negative, allow financial negative.

In several month the inventory closing keeps saying problem in item settlement, and result may not be correct.

When I run stock value by item dimension report, I can find item that

  • Zero Qty but Positive value

  • Zero Qty but Negative value

I pick 1 item (having zero qty but Positive value) and check the inventory transactions. All transactions are either Purchased or Sold. (Financially completed)

If I add up the Quantity, it is zero.

If I add up the cost amount, it is Positive value.

I find some transactions are still Open value (Not 100% settled). Settled Quantity is less than Quantity.

So any reason for this item settlement problem?

And any solution to Fix my existing data?

Thanks in advance.

Try running a consistency check on the inventory module (Basic > Periodic > Consitency Check) . That might take care of the issue.

Hi Karin,

The transactions that are still open are back to year 2007!!

Finally we decide to make item on hand adjustment to adjust the value.

But in order to avoid this problem in the future, we need to know the cause for item settlement failure.

Any reason for item settlement fail?

Hi Ken,

I’ve seen similar problems at a company where units and unit conversions were changed for items that already had inventory transactions. Did you make any changes there back in 2007?



No, we never make change in Units. All items are using “PCS” from day 1.

Hi, Ken,

Sounds like there was actually a settlement failure. Although the trade records as settled for financial purposes, the purchased units have not been delivered by the seller. This happens frequently in US financial markets. You can check for settlement failures in the particular security at the Securities and Exchange Commission website:

Hope that helps,


Hi Keni,

To be happening same problem with me. In mine in case that, I already identified the problem. All time that I complement the price of the bought item happens the same thing
Are you complementing the price of the bought item?

Murilo Oliveira

I have exactly same problem (AX 2009 SP1; several inventory valuation hotfixes implemented).

I think I found the reason for non settled issues. In my case AX used more dimensions for settling than expected. I expected that Site and Warehouse will be used, but obviously also BatchId was used. This caused problem in some cases when there was not enough BatchId on stock to settle all issues. Those issues remained (partially) opened and this caused wrong avg price calculation and issue transactions valuation.

I didn’t found solution for this yet, but I’m trying to.

This is impacted by the dimension group settings that control financial and physical updates where you can “make” it do wrong.