AX2009 Infolog - missing text


I am using AX2009 SP1.

Today I find that some users cannot see any text on infolog.

On their client, infolog can show display the sign (warning/error/information) but NO text.

It seem like this problem happen to some users only. I tried to reset the user usage data, but the problem still exist.

Any idea?

Try to check the client version of the users with the issue and compare it with a working one.

If the application number is different, try to update it.


We use terminal server for AX client so that everyone use the same AX client.

Any other hint? Thanks.

Try restart AOS.


If these users were never able to see the infologs, you might want to check whether they have necessary rights.

Some simple steps to try to debug:

Make sure they’re logged out of AX when you reset their usage data.

Delete their *.auc and .kti files from the terminal server, should be located here on Win7/Server2008 C:\Users[Username]\appdata\Local. Look for ax files or *.auc, *.kti.

If this doesn’t fix it. Give their user access to the “admin” security group and make sure they log out and back in. See if they can now see text in info logs. This will rule out if security is an issue.

Try these steps and report back.