AX2009 in Shop floor , Journal Registration error when try to create CSV file

AX 2009, in payroll in import excel file through Axapta for salary people, and when I try create the CSV file from Axapta for payroll getting error message , Journal exits for this emp for these dates , when I looked at this emp profile, this emp did not even start working on these dates, he started working on 2nd week, how can I delete these journal exits for this emp for these dates for this emp, because when I go this the table Jmg Stamp Journal Trans , I can see these transaction , what I cannot delete these transaction , there is no option for delete, how can I fix this, so I can create CSV file and process this payroll, does any one have any idea, appreciate any help , I have tried reimporting the excel file also, did not work, some how these journal exits for these dates will not delete from Axapta

Use Alt + F9 to delete the records from table. There might be records lying in other tables also so deleting only from this table might not be enough. Its better you sit with your developer and delete the entries in all related tables.