AX2009 how to Round Down in General Ledger


This is Loc. I have query on decimal values.

I have a decimal value a= 8.34512

I setted up general round off = 0.01. After rounding off, system gives 8.35

I want to get 8.34, I don’t want to round off. I want to truncate the remaining decimal.

I meant I wanted to get the result as 8.34 and i don’t want 0.00512

How can I get this result?

Plz help me. Look forward to your reply. Thanks.

Where have you set the general round off?

Hello Fabricio,

Thanks for your reply.

I set it in General Ledger module > setup > exchange rates > USD > round-off tab → General Round-off

We use KRW as main currency, USD is one of foreign currency.

So I set USD round off “0.01”.

For example, Exchange rate is " 1 USD = 1008.34512 KRW "

I put 1 USD in General Journal.

System returns the main currency value “1008.35 (KRW)”.

but I want to round down like 1008.34, not round off like 1008.35.

How can I setup for rounding down in General Journal?

Hi Loc,

try the below code

round(1008.34512,0.02); this returns 1008.34

Hope this is helpful.


Hi Maria.

I didn’t even imagine inputing number : ’ 2 '.

Thank you again.

But do you know why number 2(2.00, 0.2, 0.02) is used for rounding down?

I just tested with number 3, but it did not work… I expected “round up” with 3.00, 0.30, 0.03.

Hi Kim, you need a developer to analyze the impact of chaging the code to round off downwards. This can be done from code but again you need more investigation on the impact. Currently this option can only be set for purchase/sales (Rounding form option).


Take this example hope this will help you.

static void roundDownExample(Args _args)
real r = 8.34512;
real a;

a = roundDown(r,0.01);
r = a;