AX2009 Fixed assets using (depreciation proposal ) not working

I am new to this user group, i am working on fixed assets module, and trying to post depreciation proposal for the assets, i have set up all the links as value model, fixed assets groups, depreciation profile, depreciation books and link and the calendar, and link value model to fixed asstes, and did the journal for acquision , now trying to post depreciation through deprecaition proposal, when i do journal, fixed assets and FAD , lines and proposal> depreciation proposal and pick the fixed assets # want to depreciate it, it doed not calculate the amount, what i am doing wrong ?

if some one knows please help me , if the same steps i do and add manually depreciation amount, than its works, i would like to calculate by depreciation proposal option not manually. we are using AX2009

Ensure that the attached value model is “Depreciation” check box selected and when you open value models form from Fixed assets>Value modelsbutton, check the Depreciation date and service life exist.

If everything is perfectly set, you can see the depreciations by clicking Inquiries>Profile for the value model.

Let me know if you are seeing the depreciations in profile form and unable to see them during the proposal running.

thanks for quick reply, I can see depreciation in Inquiries> profile, i think i can see the problem , the depreciated amount are showing in profile date from 9/30/2012 i have enetred teh assets dated Dec 2011 and was using teh date for depreciation Jan 31, 2012, its not calculating this date, date is showing as Sep 2012. our fiscal year is from Oct to Sep, seems like some thing is wrong with fiscal year set up, i tried adding the dates in fiscal assets calendar for FY 2012 start from 10/1/2011 to 9/30/2012, but i am getting error message, message is (start date must be the day after last day of the last year or end date must be a day before the first year of calendar, that’s what i tried to enter , what i am doing wrong ? donot know much about fixed assets, any help will be appreciated.


Can you give more information about depreciation profile like the method of depreciation and period frequency.

Also, in the value model, what is the depreciation run date?


Hi Pranav

Deprecaition profile SL Service Life, Deprecaition period is Fiscal, Depreciation run date showing 12/31/2011 , Assets acquisition date is also 12/31/2011

i can run depreciation books as AMT, ACE and Tax with no problem but having issue with Book depreciation SL when i do depreciation proposal, than go to dpereciation proposal and on lines option no line picked and went to to depreciation and depr proposal and change the date to 1/31/2012 Book depr wants to run for

after one month of required date. ,since the aseets required date is 12/31/2011 and select the assets and hit ok , instaed of showing the deprecaition amount , the screen shows the date and transaction type shows acquisition and no amount, that’s where the problem is ?

I encountered the same problem for the uploaded fixed assets. Is there a solution?