AX2009 Fixed assets Fiscal period set up

we are using AX2009, and have set up fixed assets, issue I am having is how to set up Fiscal period, G.L , > set up > Periods>

Fixed asset calendar, when I go and create new fiscal Year , then new window open, i enter start date and close date , in the

below ask for Desired length of period and drop down for Month, days, Years, if pick the month and 1 in desired length period it creates the calender month for me, our fiscal dates are 10/1 to 10/29 , i tried even divide period and try to change the ending period date, it will not let me do it, can some one please help, if some already used this option, i don’t know what i am doing wrong, thanks in advance,


I will suggest you to create one period for fiscal year and then divide it as per requirement. Generally this is done in 4-4-5 calendars. Going month by month will be more cumbersome.

You can divide the periods until the last day of fiscal, beyond that you can’t divide since that will be a new fiscal. I think you are trying to divide period on fiscal year end date.


thanks for reply Pranav, i am still not getting the correct dates for fiscal

I created the new year option and open new window and enter the dates 10/1 and 9/30 and click on period and entered 1 on desired length of period and on unit drop down i entered Year it created year for me form 10/1 to 9/30 and i click on divide period and enter the date 10/29 on that when I click ok instead of creating the 1 period from 10/1 to 10/29 it creates 10/1/ to 10/28 donot know why , any idea, if I try to create the 2 month it start from 10/28 instead of 10/29 since I entered I entered the date 10/29 in the divide period box, why its still creates 10/28, and when its goes to 2nd tr its still showing 1 QTR it does not change to 2nd change , can you please suggest what I am doing wrong. Thanks again

I figure it out the dates, only issue I can see , it does not change to the 4 peiord to 4 month and 2nd QTR and when I try to change from drop down , I get the error message,

The Month you have selected is not in the Sequence . can you please guide me , where this set up is , I try to find this set up, no luck, can any one please help,