AX2009 Fixed Assets changed FA groups, when we depr its giving error message

using AX2009 in Fixed assets module , change the fixed assets groups under function from computer from Eng to Admin, when we try to depreciation proposal its giving error message, its not changing the value model from Eng to admin in computer

how to change the value model for change Fixed assets groups

has any one gone through this issue .any help will be appreciated .

error message is below

Account for transaction type Depreciation, value model Test Equip, does not exist for fixed asset 00000028_142.
d its adding the offset account ,

thanks in advance

It is asking to specify the account for value model: Test Equip. Go to fixed asset posting profile and specify the same.

Value models default from Fixed asset group so if you want to change you need to change it from Fixed asset group. But if transactions exist then i think it is not allowed.

thanks for quick reply, we do account on Posting profile for Value Model set Up, when I am doing the Dept proposal , its asking me for Transaction type, do you know where to set up transaction type for Change Fixed assets Group , I think that’s what its looking for ? I cannot find the table Transaction for Transaction type , I have search , I can use some help,

thanks again

I found where the Transaction type are, what I cannot add the Change fixed assets group option , its not giving me option to add more, its under parameter , on bottm of page, does any one have any idea when I change the group on Fixed assets Group, why does not change the group on Value model . may be this option is not available AX 2009 ?

has any one try this option .

can any one help ? tried to change the fixed assets group through FUNCTION <

when we do depr proposal getting error message , do we need to change any other set up.

our Posting Profiles has all the acct set up, or do I need to change any set up Posting Profile for change group >

any help will be great.

the best option is change back to FA Group and then create a new FA with the correct FA Group and transfer the cost and Depreciation otherwise you need to play with the posting profiles and add more value models and so on and that is more time consuming and risky. I could assume that you do not have many cases like this that you need to correct the FA group to a fixed asset

Hi Gilberto

thanks for reply, we do have 10 assets needs to change group, what’s the easy solution, and you mention need to play Posting profiles ? to add more value model, I guess don’t under stand why we need to add more value model

can you please explain, have you done this, changing group of fixed assets . we do transfer the cost and depreciation amount that will be done by journal entry correct ?

yes I did that before and is the best way and easiest, with a journal entry change the cost and dep’n to the new one. but because a FA can not be negative you need to do an extra entry to add more cost to the old FA than once the cost and the dep’n is transferred you need to reverse that amount

FA Groups can have more that one value models, but that is more difficult to that and then avery time you create a FA you need to make sure that the correct value model was assigned, reason that option is more risky


can you tell me how to set up multiple Value model for FA group , the way I have set up FA when I enter the FA and pick the FA group and its automatic pick the value model for me , its does not give me option for multiple choice, is there any setting needs to be changed,