AX2009 export aging report to excel

In AX2009, when we export a report to excel, the excel file is created with blank columns between all data columns requiring user to manually delete all the blank columns. Does anyone have this problem? Or can tell me how to export the data without the blank columns?



Is it Vendor ageing report in Purchase Ledger? My AX 2009 exports it to Excel without empty columns between dates. See attached picture.

Hi DareLene,

You must pay attention the vertical lines on header and the vertical lines in Items details, if they fit together, the excel file isn’t created with blank columns .

Hi Przemyslaw,

Yes the aging report is one of the reporting we’re experiencing the problem. It started after I applied the hotfix for parameter sniffing. my consultant has searched his knowledgebase and cannot find anyone who is experiencing this problem after applying the hot fix. I was hoping its a setup issue. If anyone else can confirm their report is working properly or if its a setup issue, I would appreciate the feed back. that way i’ll know if its worth the trouble to open a ticket with Microsoft.

your assistance is greatly appreciated!