AX2009 Error qty default zero

When someone in the process fills in an error qty (first operation has 1 error), the next operation has 1 filled in too (in error qty column).

If someone forgets to remove the error qty in the next operation (because that specific operation has no errors), it has 1pcs filled in automatically.

Is there something wrong in our installation of AX, or is this default behaviour? If so, how can I change that? Maybe some X++?

Goal: The error qty column must always be empty, even if the previous operation had one filled in. Because if someone forgets to remove, it cumulates.

Which process are you talking about?

I am sorry. This is the production process. Every place where operations are done has an PC. Employees report their operation as finished on each computer.

When you report an operation on the production order as finished, you have to fill in good qty and error qty. That’s the place I am talking about :slight_smile:

Someone maybe? :slight_smile: