AX2009: Error deploying reports

Hi all, I did a report in Visual studio 2008 and I want to deploy the report on my report server that is on another machine.
I have already installed “Reporting Services Extensions” on the report server and the “Reporting Services tools” on the client, where I have installed visual studio 2008.

When from the visual studio 2008 I deploy the report or I deploy the report through client Dynamics AX (from libraries reports) gives me the following error:

""The following components are not installed or not configured correctly:
Reporting Extensions. See the documentation or contact your administrator. “”

If you deploy the report in the report server through the deployment tool, everything works perfectly, so I have the error only when deployed from Dynamics AX or from Visual Studio 2008 on a reporting server which is in another machine.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Are you sure that reporting extensions is installed on the machine you are working on? Just run the AX 2009 installer and see if the checkbox is greyed out or not.

check by running the AX installer and see if the checkbox is greyed or not.

I have checked it, but the checkbox is greyed, so it’s installed.

Do you have any ideas more?

Thank you very much.