AX2009 Documenthandling in sharepoint (Without EP)


I’m looking into the possibility to make the standard AX2009 document handling use sharepoint. We currently have both sharepoint and AX and now the documents get moved from AX-location to sharepoint daily + link to the document is changed in AX.

I would like to automate this and make AX2009 autmatically save the generated files (invoices mainly) to sharepoint and in this way manage our documents generated by AX2009 in sharepoint.

I know it is possible to do with EP but we don’t want to use EP since we have all the functionality developed by ourselves. We would like to use sharepoint for document management with the axapta document handling.

Does anyone have any experience doing this?

Note: I’ve read

And also checked some posts about this topic on the forum. There is no clear solution yet for this it seems. The link I just mentioned describes a workarround, but as the owner says it’s not really a feel-good way to work. And fore sure we do not want to store documents in 2 locations. If there is no clear solution to this, I’m considering building this myself.

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