AX2009 Client (through Citrix) crashes when using Ctrl+G Filter

I tried searching for similar problems, but couldn’t seem to find anything like this.

On the “Inventory Management → Inquiries → Transactions → Transactions” form, I have an end-user who has added additional fields to the grid displayed on the General tab of this form. When she tries to use the Ctrl+G filter to filter on the “PhysicalDate” field, as SOON as she hits enter to filter, the client crashes.

Here’s the weird part: if we use the Advanced Filter option in the toolbar, it will work perfectly. It feels as if there is an issue with actually pressing “Enter” on the grid that triggers the crash. All other screens work with the Ctrl+G filter.

Unfortunately, we are unable to reset the users customized preferences, due to the sheer volume of customizations that have been made in her client software. Is there a good way to figure out the cause of this problem in a Production environment? I’m a developer with Admin access, so I can look around anywhere that is necessary.

Thanks a million for any advice you can offer!