AX2009 - Ask How to Run Extra Batch Helpers for Inventory Closing

Dear all,

My client said that inventory closing takes a long time. I’m trying to run extra batch helper for my Inventory Closing. I’ve never use and configure batch server. These are steps which I’ve been done. Please let me know if there are things left.

  1. configure AOS as batch server (Administration → Setup → Server Configuration)
  2. create new batch group and set my AOS to new created batch group (Administration → Setup → Batch Groups)
  3. set numbers of extra batch helpers and batch group for inventory closing (Inventory Management → Setup → Parameters)
  4. run inventory closing

My questions are :

  1. Have I taken all needed steps to perform extra batch helpers for inventory closing? Or I missed something?
  2. How do I monitor these batch helper are running? For example, how do I know what calculation they perform?