AX2009 AIF: Can't work with SalesOrder partial update

Hi, I can’t update sales order by AIF using the following XML file.
Message says that “Cannot update record - the record does not exist.”.
And this message is @SYS112449.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>">](

contoso\Administrator FileAdapter LocalEP [>](">](">](">]( SalesId SO-101253">]( <_DocumentHash>5c6d97a737419b29e23c69a70765fba0 2012-04-29 1 1001 5 ea ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although the document read by AIF is as following. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>">]( {E6D579B1-1C3F-40D5-858B-255CB17F83A4} LocalEPFileAdapter [>]( {A5BF71EF-100F-4DA2-B342-A65DD51C08C3}">](">]( <_DocumentHash>5c6d97a737419b29e23c69a70765fba0 2012-04-27 10031.00ea 10011.00ea ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Therefore I can't imagine the reason of the above error . This error ocuurs in the deserializeSubEntitiy method of the AxdBase class.Actual line of error is 61 and this caused by the empty result of the following command. I checked the _dataSourceName then found that it is "SalesLine".

// Find the corresponding existing record
entityEntry = this.findEntityOnCurLevel(_dataSourceName,_axInternalBase);

Does anyone have any idea of solving this problem.

interesting…I’m having the same problem exactly. I’m 100% sure that I’m passing the update command but its not showing up in my document log and from the data I can see that its done a replace (its reinitialised the fields I didn’t send back)

have you managed to fix this somehow?