AX V4 Document Handling

Hi - does anyone know if there is a definitive list of which forms/records in AX V4 support document handling whereby a Note, Document or File can be attached to the record?

I have found that Document Handling worlks for Customers, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders but not for Vendors or Items.

Or is there a way to declare a form/record eligible for document handling?

In AX 2012, you can go to Organization administration > Setup > Document management > Document management parameters and tick Use Active document tables. Document handling is then allowed only for tables defined in Organization administration > Setup > Document management > Active document tables. It may be similar in AX 4.

I also have a feeling that tables supported by document handling depended on table group, but I may be wrong.

Many Thanks Martin - you were absolutely correct. I found the functions you described in the V4 ‘Basic’ module (Basic > Setup > Document Management > Active Document Tables / Parameters). Exactly as you described.

Thanks Again