AX, Timesheet import

Hi there,

Can anyone tell me is there an import functionality available for timesheet in AX2012?

My client uses different biometric system, they don’t want to enter time through enterprise portal. So is there a way we can import the time in and out data from biometric system into AX and process the payroll from this data for employees.



Hi Shweta,

There is a timesheet service in AX2012. This service is also used for the mobile apps. It should be possible to use this one.

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Hi Andre,

Could you please tell me how to setup that service and where can i find that in AX.



Sorry - it doesn’t look like you have experience working with Services concept in AX 2012.

It is far too vast to mention setup of this service. You may have to work with your partner on this.

But if you have any specific issue you are stuck with, please feel free to post it here.

Hi Harish,

Yes I am new to AX, hence I have less knowledge on services. We are customizing the US payroll to meet our requirement in mid east region. If you could explain in brief about how to import the timesheet into AX services then it will be very helpful.




Sorry for the late answer. It is undoable to explain the complete services concept in one answer. You can search on technet for some information, do some training or buy a book about this topic.

You can start on this page:

Thank you very much for your kind reply Andre. Its helpful.