Ax Table Data is export in Excel sheets

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I want to Export in my Table Data to Excel sheets how should i do it.

Ax 2012 my Ax.




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Hi Karuppasamy R,

If you are displaying your table values on the form, then for Excel Export, just add a command button named “Export to microsoft Excel”, it will directly export the grid data of the form to Excel file.

But if you directly want to export from table, then may be you can do it by export to excel code, or just copy all the table data and paste it in the Excel Sheet.

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Pranav Gupta

As an addition on Pranav when using the ‘Export to Microsoft Excel’ CommandButton

Set the datasource property on you ActionPane(if any) or on Buttongroup to your datasource you want to export.

on the CommandButton properties itself

  • Command: Export to Microsoft Excel: 4436

Optional if and icon is needed:

  • ImageLocation: EmbeddedResource

  • NormalImage: 10156