AX SSRS Reports

Hi my SSRS Report is query based now is there a way where i can print the report filter on my report

for ex : i run my report after entering PO no : AO/PO/01234 so how can i get to print "PO no : AO/PO/01234 " on my report.

if i do not enter Po no report will run with all PO , in that case NO PO no should be printed on report.

Hi Vinish,

It is possible, switch to parameters node of your report in Visual studio and set the visibility property to “Visible” for the required parameter.

You can also specify expression for parameter, if you want to Show or hide based on an expression.



Thanks Raghav but how do i get to print it on my final report

You can take it from Expressions in SSRS.

Select from Parameters the required parameter and show it on the report.

Hi Vinesh,

To display the selected parameter value and label on a page footer

  1. Switch to Design view.

  2. Right-click the page footer, point to Insert, and then click Text Box. Drag the text box next to the text box with the time stamp. Grab the side handle of the text box and expand the width.

  3. From the Report Data pane, drag the required to the text box. The text box displays [@].

  4. To display the parameter label, click in the text box until the insert cursor appears after the existing expression, type a space, and then drag another copy of the parameter from the Report Data pane to the text box. The text box displays [@] [@].

  5. Right-click the first expression and click Expression. The Expression dialog box opens. Replace the text Value by Label.

  6. Click OK.

    The text displays: [@.Label] [@].

  7. Preview the report.



simply goto that query which you are using for this report , goto purchtable datasource add the field purchid to the filter in that datasource and run the report, it will open the dialog and u can pass the purchid