AX - SSRS - reports dialog filter based on dialog values

I am new to axapta development ,

I want to filter a "dialog’s lookup " based on an previuos dialog value in ssrs multi select.

Let me make my self clear,

I am doin ssrs -ax reports and the report parameters are in multiselect dialog ,

i want filter a dilog,s lookup based on another dilog value ,

somo one pls help.

You have to create UI builder to achieve this.

Create a UI builder and add lookup method in which you can set the range with the dailog field value

You can see the HcmPeopleDepartmentUIBuilder class for more details.

UI builder is fine , I have created and used the UI class in order modify the parameter properties like lookup,

In UI builder I am not able to get the resultset set of one query filter(dialog filter) and pass it as a range to another dialog as range ,

so as to get a sequential filter , something like filtering ITEMID only from the PROJECTIDs I select in the first dialog.

Help me if you can,[:|]

Thanks for your reply [Y]