AX SSRS Report

Hi ,

1.) In SSRS Report i run it a dialog opens there is a select button when i click on it another dialog box open where in i need to add filter by selecting User id and criteria …

2.) SO instead of this i want Bypass this by directly adding User id in query ds table ranges right click new User id

when i save it restore it complie it deploy it it does not seem to work

So my expecting from 2.) is when i run the report 1st dialog box there should be User Id field created then only i need to add criteria and run the report.

You have two basic options:

  1. Add ranges for your fields to the query. You will still have to use the Select button, but ranges will be prepared there. This is my recommended approach.
  2. You could add parameters directly to the data contract, so they would be displayed directly on the dialog, but you would have to implement code to create query ranges based on these parameters (which isn’t worth the effort unless you need more business logic in the dialog).

If you have a particular problem and you would like somebody to help you with it, you’ll have to describe it in better details than just “it does not seem to work”.

Thanks Martin