AX SSRS:Grouping the values on the design (Visual Studio) is resulting in returning the 1st record of each group only.

Hi DAX Team,

Below is the result(cannot provide the exact data, but the example is similar) that I am trying to display the data in SSRS report.

Size ID Price
Medium 1234 1200
Medium 5678 1300
Large 9101 2100
Large 1213 2300

When I group on the design on the basis of Size, it is displaying me 1234 and 9101 records only.

My Requirement: I want to show the records in the report something like this below. Could you help me in how to achieve this?

1234 1200
5678 1300
Sum(Medium): 2500
9101 2100
1213 2300
Sum(Large) 4400
Total(Size) 6900