ax & software label

hi all,

I’m looking to replace our BarOne label software that we have been using in AX 4.0. any recommendations on which software version that i should get ? i’ve heard that BarTender is the one. TIA.

We use BarTender and I’ve used it at many other clients. It’s the one. We have programmed a custom service that we use a database with printer mappings and label files and queues and it does everything very fast and automatically using their DCOM or .NET driven connection. Sort of a pain if you don’t have a good .NET dev, but you don’t need to integrate like we did.

do i have to do any coding if i have BarTender Automation package ?

i do have a .net resource. could you give me the concepts of how you are currently implementing in your company ?

We have BarTender label layouts designed in BarTender, with “named substrings” = placeholders for some real values, e.g. item name, quantity etc.

Our AX implementation chooses the right layout file and calls BarTender .NET objects via .NET Interop from X++ to start BarTender engine, replace named substrings with real values, defines printer to be used etc. and call printing.

Find more in Seagull white papers and in SDK documentation installed together with BarTender .NET SDK.

Thank you Martin.