Ax security setting


Standar AX allow us to drag & drop, hide & show the grid. But having issue that user not able to perform the standard action. I believe this is due to the security setting. Can someone advice me where can i enable it back?


Hi Kong ,

Could You explain me detail about issues wt your facing?

Hi Kumar,

In AX, when we right click, we can see “hide” function. Some users, after setup the security (user group permission). They are not able to see “Hide” function.

Do you know where can we enable it back?


I believe this is what you are looking for:

AX Security

Administration > Miscellaneous > Form Personalization

Give ‘Create’ permissions


HI Kong Yu,

This is the issue with the user permissions assigned for the user by defining usergroup.

So check that usergroup permission assigned for the user…

In permissions Administration — > Miscellaneous — > Form Personalization — > Give Full control… then the user will be able to get the arequired function on the form…