AX security concept


I have a requirement that ,i have to create a role say As"Executive" ,who can access AP,AR,GL modules in one organization,AP,GL,FA in another organization.

So wat i did is i created a role and assign the subroles as AP,AR,Gl,FA.but the problem is i can able to assign organization for main role,but cant able assign organization for sub roles.hw can i acheive this pblm.?

Can anyone suugest me…pls


my suggestion - create 2 different user groups , assign rights as per company domain. Assign this respective user group to that user.

Dear Vasavi,

when you create user then assign that user for one company where you want to give him AP,AR etc, for rest of the company dont give permission.

Then give him the access for this particular module which you want to give he will be able to access only the company which you will provide him and rest will not be access by him.

thanks for the reply…my pblm is im creating a new role as executive ,but his access differs from company to company…how to acheive this


You need to create two roles, 1 role with access to AP,AR,GL modules and other with access to AP,GL,FA (Instead Use existing AX roles if you are looking for same duties or create new ones)

Add first role to the user, select role and open assign organisation–>grant the company. Do the same for the second role.

Now the user will have access according to the roles and what company is in…

Hope this helps.



Ya,im doing that onli now…is it a feasible solution? because executive role in ceu company ,executive in cee company like this i have to create the roles as u said,am i ryt?so if he hav n number fo companies we have to create n number of executives …

if i assign roles of AP to the Executive role…its also showing some of other modules too…if i want to access onli AP ,AR module alone means ,which role i have to assign ?

Dear Vasavi,

in this case you have to create your own role and you have to assign duties and privilege to achieve your requirement.

you can contact me on skype to have this setup.

thanks for the solution